Reunion 1999  Index of Pictures
Before we start I think we should have three cheers
for Tony Moss without whose help this web site 
would be a mere shadow of itself.
Hip hip    H O O R A Y
Hip hip    H O O R A Y
Hip hip    H O O R A Y
Thanks Tony for not only taking all these pictures 
but managing to get them to me in such short order

Contest winner
I am grateful to all of you who sent in names to fit the faces but Jim and probably Margaret too came up with the lions share.

Congratulations Jim

Reunion Notes by Roley Bell
The whole group on the front lawn
Registration near the front door
Milling in the corridors
In the School Hall
More in the Hall
In front of the School
Out to Lunch
The Park Hotel at Tynemouth
1 East Revisited and farewell 'til next time
More Photos from Eddie Woods
Eleanor Lockeys Pictures
visitors since the reunion
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