Art comes in many forms and I have dabbled in a few of them but my original training was perspective drawings colored with watercolor.
Unfortunately the only example of those early days is this black and white photo of one of my paintings done in 1957.
This was a presentation of a proposed new boardroom for a shipping company. It is a measured perspective drawing of the actual room with my furniture designs and decororation suggestions.
The full original work was aproximately 40" x 32"

      This is a similar, if much simpler, example of the pencil perspective drawing but this time I colored it with Paint Shop Pro.
Either one produces a good result but PSP is much easier and more forgiving.

A conventional Art Form using soft pastels.
I enjoy this kind of art because it is so easy to get the shadings correct.

With a decent camera the possibilities are endless

Portrait Photography.
I took this photo of my wife for her portfolio back in her acting days.

Finally Paint Shop Pro Paintings

This is a Paint Shop Pro painting using nothing but other peoples PSP tubes

These three paintings are completely from scratch using nothing but PSP

Recently I took a short course in Pastels and have begun painting again

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