Once upon a time there was a handsome young prince who lived in a quaint little coal mining, shipbuilding, hamlet in the north east of England.
His life was ordinary but not hum drum. Whenever the rain stopped and he was not doing great deeds at his place of employment he would go down to the golden sanded beach and swim in the refreshing (50 degree), not too polluted, water of the North Sea.
And then one day who should appear in this quaint little coal mining, shipbuilding, hamlet but the most beautiful princess God had ever created. She was blue eyed, blonde, and petite and had just sailed across a vast ocean from a little known kingdom called Canada.
As soon as the young prince clapped eyes on her he knew that this was the person who could give meaning to his life. They were introduced, fell in love, and spent the next six months attending grand balls at the local church youth club and taking long walks together in the lovely English countryside beyond the pit heaps.

Train Leaving Station
Life was beautiful until the wicked witch, who had complete control over the princess as she was her mother, whisked her away and back to the little known kingdom called Canada. Her feeble excuse for separating the lovers was shouted for all to hear, "I can't live another moment in this dirty, dark, depressing, coal mining, shipbuilding hamlet." She slammed the door of the dust filled carriage of the smoke spewing steam train as it pulled away from the soot blackened station and disappeared into the dark foggy morning.

And so began the longest period in the young prince's life. His love had been taken away to a small hamlet called Vancouver in the little known kingdom called Canada and now he must save up the meager coin allotted to him for his noble work of designing furniture for the very rich. He saved and saved and finally one day had enough coin to make the long trip across the ocean to the little known kingdom called Ca nada.

The prince on his trusty steed
Riding his trusty steed he traveled the hundred leagues to meet the representatives of the governing body of that little known kingdom and found that an evil sorcerer had taken charge of the ministry called Immigration and would not allow the young prince to set foot in his land. The evil sorcerer now gave two conditions that the prince must complete before he would be allowed to enter the little known kingdom called Canada.
  1. He must save enough coin to pay for the trip. ( the young prince had already complied with that condition and allowed himself something in reserve.)
  2. He must also have a purse containing a specific amount of coin to take with him.
The young prince once more began to save his coin and finally had met the required conditions. He went to the evil sorcerer's representative to ask for access to the little known kingdom called Canada.
The evil sorcerer was still not finished. He gave the young prince a choice of two more tasks before he would open the gates of the little known kingdom called Canada.
  1. The young prince would have to set aside his life as a furniture designer and take up farming after which the evil sorcerer would take him to a part of his kingdom a thousand leagues from the hamlet of Vancouver and separated by an impassable mountain range.
  2. He must be employed in Vancouver.

The evil sorcerer knew that the prince wanted to go to Vancouver and would not be able to find employment if he was not allowed to go there so he guaranteed that this would be the final task. But he had not reckoned on the power of love which drove the young prince on his mission. The young prince started immediately to write letters to all and sundry in Vancouver having been furnished with names and addresses by the beautiful princess who was now being forced to work for a large insurance company while being chained to her desk for most of her day.
Months later after sending one letter after another and almost giving up hope a letter arrived offering the young prince employment in a company in the hamlet of Vancouver in the little known kingdom called Canada. The young prince made all haste, stopping only to be best man at his brothers wedding, and arrived in the hamlet of Vancouver on a beautiful sunny day in April. He wed his lovely princess in September and the sun has shone on the two of them ever since.
That was years ago and the prince and princess still lived happily ever after in their three bedroom castle with a beautiful garden in the city of Surrey which is close to the metropolis of Vancouver in the province of British Columbia in the greatest country in the world called Canada

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