What is a Geordie


Willie Carr
the strong man of Blyth
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"What is a Geordie", I've heard people ask.

To give a definition is not an easy task.

Some say that he's a heathen, growing leeks an supping beer,

But if you read on a while I'll give you my idea.

When God first made the universe his handywork was grand.

He made a man of every creed to cultivate each land.

He made Eskimos for Iceland, Africans to stand the heat.

But when it came to Geordieland He said :"Why man, I''m beat"!

So he made a man of iron, with muscles of forged steel,

For hewing coal and building ships- a job he's done so real.

And just to finish off the job, or so I have been told,

He completed his first Geordie, by giving him a heart of gold.

Author unknown  - but obviously a wise Geordie

Geordies launching a ship at Blyth Shipyard