The Naked Truth

A Novel

At school Adam and Enid always knew things about each other but it wasn`t until they came in contact with a hidden race of people that they realized what special powers they really possessed. With matching IQs of 140, and superpowers added, school and college work became a breeze but a spy they had identified to the police wanted them dead. If the spy did not get them Adam`s goal was to fix his troubled world. He thought if a leader such as Hitler could manage to lead a whole country of reasonable people into his own hellish version of world domination how easy it should be for another strong leader, who possessed compassion and integrity, to lead a country and possibly the world into peace. Adam could alter a person`s mind with his powers but he would need to find a leader, or leaders, who could do the job. In the meantime Adam and Enid had growing up to do.....together.
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