My Religious Beliefs
(for those who have asked)

All my life I have been a logical thinker. I find it easy to believe scientific facts which are able to be proven beyond doubt. I do have problems with black holes, alternative universes, time travel, etc., but hold an open mind for such time as these may be proven too.
When it comes to religion everything must be based on faith since there is not a person alive who can prove, scientifically, that there even is a god.
For this reason I hold an open mind on the subject but decided long ago that I believe in God.
I was brought up as an Anglican and still follow the mind set and rituals of the Anglican church but when I was still in my teens I realised that everything was based on man's perceptions which meant that most of my religion was merely window dressing but a convenient way to worship God.
Many of our major religions have the same roots and almost all major wars have been based on religion which makes me believe that we all have it wrong to some extent.
As far as I am concerned if you believe in God, no matter what you call Him, you are on my wavelength but if you do not believe I will not declare you to be 'On the other side'. Only your actions can make you a bad person with or without religion.
I know little about the hundreds of religions in the world today so I will use my own for comments.
Everything I know was written in the bible which was written by man often hundreds of years after the fact. Even if we discard the delay in reporting events we all write facts as we understand them. Just read two different newspapers tomorrow and see how differently current events are reported.
According to my religion Moses produced the Ten Commandments. I'll not go into how because I wasn't there.
Anybody could write a similar list today because it is simply a list of rules for a moral society. Our list would probably be more pertinent to today's society however because we don't own oxen or asses and we don't 'covet' as much as we think we are 'entitled' to certain things and there would definitely be something in there about complete equality.
Probably the biggest mistake Christians made when Jesus died on the cross was to split into yet another religion. Jesus, if you believe in him, was put on earth to correct the corruption in the Jewish religion. A much better solution would have been to continue his work and stay together instead of gallivanting off and splitting into more and more contentious groups each with their own agenda. I don't believe that today's Jewish religion is any more or less corrupt today than my own so either they picked up on the teachings of Jesus or none of us did.
Surely the message should be “Live a good moral life and pray to your god for guidance”. Everything else is just window dressing as I said before.
So I will continue to live as a good Anglican Christian because the values are morally correct but I do not believe that a child brought up in a different country believing in a different god is in any way wrong.
By the way, 'Holy War' is an oxymoron and there is only one leader of the church…God, whatever you call Him.
In my perfect world all religions would merge back together with a common goal...World Peace in a moral society.
I don't care how people worship as long as they don't try to make everyone else conform and to use a religion as a reason for violence is just absurd.

These are my views and I do not expect anyone else to change their own ( Unless it led to merging and world peace. )