Tony and his two friends Mike and Geoff ( Another Geoff ) were in Vancouver for the North American Sundial Society conference so they came out to visit and I drove them out to White Rock, one of the favourite destinations in this area.
It would be a chance for them to touch the water of the Pacific and drink in a little local culture.

The weather couldn't have been better so we all walked along the seafront taking in the sights.

Being a friendly bunch we talked to some of the locals and found that they were not locals at all - this lady being from Yorkshire.

Now comes the interesting part of the story.
I have tried for years to find sundials in the Vancouver area but have only found one even mentioned.
There we were standing chatting to this nice lady when someone said "There's a sundial"

All that searching and here was one for everyone to see right in my own back yard, so to speak.
Well, the experts got to work measuring angles, and all the other things that I only vaguely understand, and they all agreed that this was in fact a perfectly working sundial.

We then walked along the pier and watched a local seal playing in the water among the boats.

Naturally we had to see the rock for which the town is named and walk down to the water for a dip. ( Just the fingers though )

Finally a delicious lunch of fish and chips in one of the many restaurants.

I hope they all enjoyed seeing White Rock as much as I enjoyed seeing them.