After a week of rain the sky cleared just in time for a visit from an internet friend from England.

It had been many years since I had played at being a tourist in my own town so after a coffee and chat we set off to the North shore of Vancouver to explore Grouse Mountain.

We first arrived at the Capilano Suspension Bridge one of Canada's greatest suspension footbridges.
Val was not going to set foot on it so Les and I made our way across the canyon admiring the view and taking a couple of pictures

The bridge is 450 feet long and does sway a bit as you walk on it but it is apparently strong enough to hold the weight of ten heavy-duty military fighter planes although why they chose that as an example I am at a loss to guess.
The view from the center of the bridge to the Capilano river below is not for the faint of heart.

On the other side of the Canyon is the "Tree Tops Adventure"
- something they have added since I was there last.
This walkway is high among the trees and was built without driving a single nail into a tree.

The bridges sway a little but the views are spectacular

Les and I both had our cameras out the whole way marveling at the size of the trees some of which are 200 feet tall and 500 years old.

A little history here
The largest tree ever cut down in North America was cut from this forest in 1895.
It was a colossal 417 feet tall and measured 78 feet around the base.
Try to imagine cutting down a tree that size without a chain saw (or even with one)

Here we all soak up a little "First Nations" culture.