Painting a Landscape

Here you will find methods I have devised to make a painting in PSP similarly to the way I would on a real canvas.
PSP has some obvious advantages when working in layers because things painted at the beginning of the work can still be altered and used later in the picture.
The whole idea of this is to show you how to paint your own pictures and since a landscape always includes many layers, even when painted on real canvas, I chose this type of painting.
I will just let you follow as I add layer after layer.

Open a new image 600 x 200 Transparent

Set your foreground colour to a pale blue and the background to a darker blue.
I chose #cee5f1 and #5cabd2
Fill the canvas with a Foreground/Background gradient making sure the darker colour is at the top.

"Image" - "Canvas Size"
Make the new size 600 x 400 with the extra at the bottom.

This will give us a horizon in case we need it later in the painting for perspective points.

"Layers" - "New Raster Layer". Call the layer 'Clouds'

You can use any method you like to make clouds, even tubes, but here is an idea for some whispy ones.

Making whispy clouds

Set up your paint brush something like this

Then paint the canvas where you would like some cloud.

Now set up your smudge brush like this

and push the paint around a bit

Effects - Texture Effects - Fur
Blur = 25. Length = 1. Density = 90. Transparency = 44

Blur - Motion Blur
Angle = 90. Strength = 62

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